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  • Timescales and Magnitude of Water Quality Change in Three Texas Estuaries Induced by Passage of Hurricane Harvey 

    Walker, Lily M.; Montagna, Paul A.; Hu, Xinping; Wetz, Michael S. (Estuaries and Coasts, 2020-10-14)
    Tropical cyclones represent a substantial disturbance to water quality in coastal ecosystems via storm surge, winds, and flooding. However, evidence to date suggests that the impacts of tropical cyclones on water quality ...
  • Motivating the Documentation of the Verbal Arts: Arguments from Theory and Practice 

    Fitzgerald, Colleen (Language Documentation & Conservation, 2017-02-06)
    For language documentation to be sufficiently extensive to cover a given community’s language practices (cf. Himmelmann 1998), then including verbal arts is essential to ensure the richness of that comprehensive record. ...
  • Morphology in the Muskogean languages 

    Fitzgerald, Colleen (Language and Linguistics Compass, 2016-12-29)
    The indigenous languages of the Americas exemplify a number of uncommon typological patterns, especially in their morphology. Here, that rich morphology is illustrated via the Muskogean languages of the southeastern United ...
  • Kalman filtering and application to storm surges 

    Slaten, Jesse (2019-08)
    Over the last decades with the advancement of computational power and access to data, the ability to create advanced forecasts and hind-casts too has grown. Recently, with an increase of the global population moving ...
  • Inferning networks for graph partitioning 

    Nguyen, Quan (2019-05)
    Image analysis, pattern recognition, and computer vision pose very interesting and challenging problems, especially in this time when billions of images are generated and uploaded every single day. In many computer vision ...

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