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  • SOCI 3320: OERing the sociology of gender 

    Ramirez, Michael (2023-04-03)
    Open TAMU-CC: Zero Textbook Cost Showcase presentation by Dr. Michael Ramirez: OERing the Sociology of Gender for course SOCI 3320: Introduction to Sociology of Gender.
  • BIOL 3425: Functional Anatomy OER 

    Orbach, Dara (2023-04-03)
    Presentation by Dara Orbach for OER showcase over implementation in BIOL 3425: Functional Anatomy.
  • Experimental Psychology (PSYC 3411): An OER journey 

    Zoccolillo, Anthony (2023-03-27)
    The journey to zero textbook cost presentation by Dr. Anthony Zoccolillo for Experimental psychology (PSYC 3411).
  • Open TAMU-CC: Zero textbook cost showcase 

    Dobbs, Haylee; Louis, Lisa; Hight, Alexa (2023-04-05)
    Open TAMU-CC: Zero textbook cost showcase including agenda, OER student savings, textbook review awardees, professional development awardees, facilitators, planning, adoption, adaptation, and creation.
  • PSYC 4309: History & Systems of Psychology OER 

    Hartlaub, Mark (2023-04-03)
    Presentation by Mark Hartlaub covering the implementation of OER in PSYC 2301 - General Psychology and PSYC 4309 - History & Systems of Psychology.

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