South Texas Sustainability


The Research Coordination Network (RCN) – Climate, Energy, Environment and Engagement in Semiarid Regions (CE3SAR) – is a NSF funded South Texas sustainability project. RCN CE3SAR’s goal is to develop an innovative model for conducting interdisciplinary, region-specific, sustainability research closely tied to the needs of highly-engaged local stakeholders.

RCN CE3SAR builds a research network in South Texas that aggregates regional research capacities specific to sustainability in semiarid climates contiguous to the Gulf of Mexico while leveraging research expertise from outside the region. It is a comprehensive partnership of researchers advancing the understanding of Science, Engineering and Education for Sustainability (SEES). The network also focuses on regional engagement and education by engaging regional communities, government and private-sector stakeholders throughout the process. By aligning regional capacities that heretofore were largely disconnected, RCN CE3SAR brings focus and synergy to a range of research that will profoundly impact the region and its socioeconomic future.

 Key Words: Sustainability, South Texas, Climate, Energy, Water, Environment, Engagement, Semiarid Region, Research, Higher Education.