• Charette Input Sheets 

      Steering Committee (2012-10-10)
      It is used to collect ideas and opinions about the Charette and RCN CE3SAR. It includes 9 parts.
    • Charette Input Sheets' Results 

      Yenerim, Duygu; Xu, Hong (2012-10-10)
      Data collected by the Charette Input Sheets.
    • Establishing the Point of Departure for the Charette 

      Vebegas, Jorge (2012-10-11)
      Introduction to RCN CE3SAR and the Charette.
    • Synthesis Report for Charette 

      Xu, Hong (RCN CE3SAR, 2012-07)
      In order to (1) provide a forum to allow participants to get to know each other and each other’s research activities, and (2) to elicit a broad spectrum of insights that will be used by the Research Coordination Network ...