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  • How would climate change affect Texas Coast — A model design for alkalinity in one estuary 

    Yao, Hongming; Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi (RCN CE3SAR, 2016-09)
    To better understand the influence of climate change, a total alkalinity model is needed since Texas Coast has been experiencing a long-term acidification during past decades. The entire model will include three sub-models: ...
  • Report of Research Experience in SwRI 

    Choi, Julius; Texas A&M University, College Station (RCN CE3SAR, 2016-09)
    Monica Medrano at SwRI through the UTSA Connect Program tried to develop the catalytic pyrolysis model of circulated fluidized bed reactor under high-pressure incorporated with the biomass properties such as moisture and ...
  • Graduate Student Research Experience Report 

    Ruelas, Anibal Morones; Texas A&M University, College Station (RCN CE3SAR, 2016-09)
    This report includes five session. Project I - Knock quantification Project II - Spark plug and early flame kernel development study in optical chamber Project III - Flame kernel development study of emission certification ...