Group supervision of counselors-in-training implementing the awareness wheel




DeLee, Fredericka Ragan


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The purpose of this study was to contribute to the qualitative exploration of the experience of master's-level student counselors who participate in group supervision using the Awareness Wheel as a mode of feedback. The overarching research question of this study was: What are the lived experiences of master's-level counselors -in-training (CITs) who participate in group supervision that utilizes the Awareness Wheel as a communication tool when providing feedback? Sub-questions guiding this study included: How do CITs describe the experience of communicating using the Awareness Wheel? How do CITs describe any impact of using the Awareness Wheel on case conceptualization? How do CITs describe any impact using the Awareness Wheel on their development as counselors or persons? Participants included six master's-level CITs completing their clinical fieldwork at a Counseling and Training Clinic on the campus of a CACREP-accredited university located in the southwestern region of the United States. These CITs were providing clinical services to clients with various presenting mental health concerns. Five distinct themes emerged: (1) counselor awareness, with the subtheme of counselor awareness facilitating skill development; (2) confidence; (3) consistent process, with subthemes of clarity and the Awareness Wheel; (4) learning; and (5) togetherness. A sixth theme that was found throughout the entirety of the data and which ran throughout all other themes was transparency. Implications for practice and recommendations for future research are provided. Group supervision is an appropriate modality for supervising CITs, specifically when a kinesthetic component for learning is utilized. Additionally, a model for communicating feedback during supervision benefits CITs in their development as counselors. Further investigation of the process experienced and the transparency present throughout the experience for the CITs using the Awareness Wheel in group supervision is needed to further support and expand these findings.


Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY in COUNSELOR EDUCATION


awareness, awareness wheel, counselors in training, countertransference, group supervision, mindfulness



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