Deep-sea echinoderidae (kinorhyncha: cyclorhagida) from the northwest pacific




Sørensen, Martin
Rohal, Melissa
Thistle, David


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European Journal Of Taxonomy


The bathyal kinorhynch fauna along the Northwest American continental rise is explored, with emphasis on species of Echinoderidae Zelinka, 1894. Seven species of Echinoderes Claparède, 1863 are described as new to science: E. anniae sp. nov., E. dubiosus sp. nov., E. hamiltonorum sp. nov., E. hviidarum sp. nov., E. juliae sp. nov., E. lupherorum sp. nov. and E. yamasakii sp. nov. Three known species, Echinoderes hakaiensis Herranz, Yangel & Leander, 2017, E. cf. unispinosus Yamasaki, Neuhaus & George, 2018 and Fissuroderes higginsi Neuhaus & Blasche, 2006, are reported. The numerous new species indicate that the deep-sea still holds a great, undiscovered diversity of kinorhynchs, and that Echinoderes, as is also the case in more shallow, coastal waters, represents an important component of the deep-sea kinorhynch fauna. The presence of E. hakaiensis in the deep-sea sediments demonstrates that the species may occur at a great depth range, and suggests that depth may play a less important role for the distribution of some kinorhynch species. The finding of the Northeast Atlantic species E. cf. unispinosus and the Southwest Pacific species Fissuroderes higginsi could indicate that kinorhynch species in the deep-sea may cover considerably larger distributional ranges than is assumed for coastal species of Echinoderidae.



echinoderes, fissuroderes, kinorhynchs, meiofauna, new species, taxonomy



Attribution 4.0 International


Sørensen, M.V., Rohal, M. and Thistle, D., 2018. Deep-sea Echinoderidae (Kinorhyncha: Cyclorhagida) from the northwest pacific. European Journal of Taxonomy, (456).