Diurnal precipitation features over complex terrains along the Yangtze River in China based on long-term TRMM and GPM radar products


Based on the 20-year high-resolution precipitation data from TRMM and GPM radar products, diurnal features over complex terrains along the Yangtze River (YR) are investigated. Using the Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) method, the first (diurnal) and second (semi-diurnal) harmonic amplitude and phase of precipitation amount (PA), precipitation frequency (PF), and intensity (PI) are analyzed. The diurnal amplitudes of PA and PF have a decreasing trend from the west to the east with the decreasing altitude of large-scale terrain, while the semi-diurnal amplitudes of PA and PI depict the bimodal precipitation cycle over highlands. For the eastward propagation of PA, PF is capable of depicting the propagation from the upper to the middle reaches of YR, while PI shows the eastward propagation from the middle to the lower reaches of YR during nighttime and presents sensitivity to highlands and lowlands. According to the contribution of different-sized precipitation systems to PI over the highlands and lowlands, the small (6000 km2 ) contribute the most, but the medium ones (200–6000 km2 ) show a slightly larger contribution over the highlands than over the lowlands. The propagation of each scaled precipitation system along the YR is further analyzed. We found that small precipitation systems mainly happen in the afternoon without obvious propagation. Medium ones peak 2–4 h later than the small ones, with two eastward propagation directions at night from the middle reaches of YR to the east. The large ones are mainly located in lowlands at night, with two propagation routes in the morning over the middle and lower reaches of YR. Such a relay of the propagation of the medium and large precipitation systems explains the eastward movement of PI along the YR, which merits future dynamic studies.



diurnal precipitation features, complex terrains, Yangtze River, TRMM & GPM product


The first author is grateful of financial support from the China Scholarship Council for visiting the Texas A&M-Corpus Christi. This work was also supported by NSFC-41105032.


Attribution 4.0 International


Zhu, S.; Liu, C.; Cao, J.; Lavigne, T. Diurnal Precipitation Features over Complex Terrains along the Yangtze River in China Based on Long-Term TRMM and GPM Radar Products. Remote Sens. 2023, 15, 3451. https://doi.org/ 10.3390/rs15133451