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Cantú IV, Maclovio Mike


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Hittin’ the Switch presents a body of work inspired by a lifetime fascination with lowriders and lowrider culture through an amalgamation of processes including printmaking, painting, and quilting to illustrate this symbol of ChicanX1 ingenuity, resistance, cultural affirmation, and the spirit's’ ability to materialize aspirations. It stitches together layers of reality that make up goal-oriented dreams. The avenue toward that destination is often filled with potholes, detours and sketchy situations, but smoother roads lie ahead. My intensive investigation into the creation, evolution, and history of the lowrider has led to the discovery and expressions of the Chicano term rasquachismo. This D.I.Y. sensibility is suffused through this project including paintings, prints and an unlikely connection made to the art of quilting. This thesis is a culmination of research from the last three years and embodies a life of living rasquache. These principles are reflected in lowrider creation and culture. They start with a vision and evolve over time by salvaging, modifying, repainting, and refinishing to become a new iteration from the original. These works are created through rasquachismo sensibility and serve both as an homage to lowrider history, the neighborhoods that formed my identity and aesthetics, and a personal memorial for those dearly departed. There have been countless individuals that have helped me along this journey. It may seem like a stretch but let us all jump into the family car like a Sunday afternoon and go for a cruise.



ChicanX, Lowride, Lowriding, printmaking, Rasquache, Rasquachismo



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