An impact evaluation of active learning literacy charts on student reading outcomes




Gonzalez-Garcia, Frances L


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Over the past few decades, research has provided the education sector a great deal of information pertinent to comprehension instruction. An alarming reoccurrence in today's classrooms, however, is the lack of comprehension instruction found in primary classrooms. While several initiatives have addressed the insufficiency in instruction, the continued deficit reflected in our nation's reading achievement scores, as well as those of the State of Texas, calls for the need to reevaluate the framework of primary literacy curriculum in efforts to provide teachers another option to support effective comprehension instruction.

This quasi-experimental study evaluated the impact of Active Learning Literacy Charts as an instructional approach to student reading achievement and motivation in Grades K-3. Data were gathered using norm-based, criterion-based, standardized assessments as well as a survey, background questionnaire and additional archival data. Multiple statistical analysis, including multiple regression and logistic regression, were conducted to gain insight into student reading achievement and motivation of elementary students using multiple data.

The study included 78 K-3 elementary teachers and 1,429 K-3 students from six Title-I elementary campuses in a South Texas school district. Three intact campuses received training on Active Learning Literacy Charts and utilized the approach, while comparison campuses implemented a different instructional literacy approach.

Results indicated that the implementation of Active Learning Literacy Charts had a positive impact on both student achievement and motivation in Grades K-3.

Findings from this study confirms the need for a systematic instructional approach for comprehension, such as an Active Learning Literacy Chart, that encompasses the fundamentals of active literacy, balanced instruction, interactive learning and social collaboration to enhance the developmental growth of early readers in primary grades.



curriculum, literacy charts, primary readers, reading achievement, reading motivation, reading outcomes



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