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      Administrators, curriculum leadership, identity, literacy beliefs, middle school [1]
      adolescent spirituality, crisis residence, goal attainment, residential treatment, spirituality, symptom change [1]
      adolescents, LGBTQ, parents, qualitative, school counselors, schools [1]
      Adult Needs and Strengths Assessment, Between-Subjects Design, Community Mental Health, Integrated Behavioral and Primary Healthcare, Profile Analysis, Serious Mental Illness [1]
      Advocacy, Counseling, Counselor Education, Mobility Impaired, Social Justice, Wellness [1]
      African American, Cultural Sensitivity, Gender Roles, Multicultural Counseling, Sex-Role Egalitarianism [1]
      agile knowledge sharing [1]
      agile software development [1]
      Alternative Education, Bildungsroman, Dropout, Marginalized students, Narrative inquiry, Standpoint theory [1]
      Alternative Education, Career and Technical Education, College and Career Readiness, Early College High School, Skilled Workforce [1]
      alternative substrates [1]
      Amino acid, feeding, food, gustation, sea urchin, stimulant [1]
      animal behavior, toxicology, malathion, sublethal effects, organophosphate insecticide, Blue crabs, Callinectes sapidus, righting time, eyestalk, flume [1]
      animal source [1]
      antibiotic resistance analysis [1]
      Aplysia californica [1]
      Applications of PDEs, porous media, fluid dynamics, slip flows past a cylinder, slip flows past a sphere, flows past a solid inclusions, Brinkman model, Navier-slip conditions, Stokes paradox. [1]
      ArcGIS [1]
      architecture [1]
      art [1]