Twins Robert and Mary Clemmer




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Robert and Mary Clemmer (twins). Children of Edith Marion Merriman Clemmer and Robert Clemmer. The cannonball on the right was left over from the Union shelling of Corpus Christi during the Civil War in 1862. Eli T. Merriman wrote the following about the cannonball: "Father bought some property on Chaparral St. near where Kressï¾’s store is now, and here we lived for many years in a small cottage. There was a big cannon ball in the yard that had remained from the time the Federals bombarded the town; but we had heard so many stories about these balls being unexploded, and especially a tale about one of them exploding in Galveston, that mother paid someone to take ours down and drop it in the bay. Much later, I paid Ed Crockett, the darkey, one dollar to recover the cannon ball from the water, and for many years after this it lay in the yard of my home on Water St. During the hurricane of 1919 it became buried in the sand, but I dug it out and took it out to my daughterï¾’s home in Nueces Bay heights, where I was living for a while, and had it out in the front yard. One morning I noticed it was missing, and I have never seen it since ï¾– someone must have taken it." Merriman, E. T. (n.d.). Random Recollections of Nearly Ninety Years as told by Eli T. Merriman. Retrieved November 13, 2019, from




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Eli T. Merriman Family Papers, Collection 200, Box 2, Folder 1. Special Collections and Archives, Mary and Jeff Bell Library, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi.