Preparing effective leaders for tomorrow's schools




Zunker, Norma
Mejia, Alissa
Sohn, Lucinda
Walker, Sharryn Larsen
Spybrook, Janet
Burdett, Judy
Fite, Kathleen
Beck, Jennifer


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CEDER, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi



In the changing world of education, in which assessments and standardized testing are ruling the way we implement information to our students, I chose to focus on the future leaders of schools. We want leaders in the field who will look to research for their directions in instruction and doing what is best for the education of their students. Preparing effective leaders for tomorrow’s schools focuses on research that covers various educational ideals for the educator. The Consortium for Education Development, Evaluation, and Research (CEDER) at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi issued a call for proposals for its eighth yearbook to various university Colleges of Education and educational leaders in the various associations, both national and international, that focus on educational innovations and research. As editor, I was fortunate to receive 51 manuscripts by 72 different authors. With such a large amount, the decision was made to have three peer reviewers for each manuscript. Each manuscript was peer-reviewed by an editorial board consisting of professors from around the nation and world. The manuscript submissions were narrowed down to 17. These selected manuscripts are ordered sequentially in the yearbook by the grade level on which they focus. Manuscripts range from kindergarten to high school to working with English Language Learners. I hope you benefit from the research printed and are able to influence the future for the students in schools.


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