A quality improvement initiative to improve diabetes self-care education for Hispanic older adults using culturally-sensitive, age specific-approach


2018-08, 2018-082018-08


Babalola, Olubanke
Babalola, Olubanke


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Introduction: The underuse of culturally-sensitive, age-specific diabetes education for older-aged Hispanic people likely contributes to deficits in diabetes knowledge, self-management and glycemic control. This quality improvement initiative applied evidence-based, culturally-competent, age-specific education methods to improve processes and health outcomes in a primary care setting. Methodology: A one-group, pre-test/post-test design was used to conduct this project at a large community clinic in Texas. Hispanic adults > 60 years, with T2DM (n=12) received biweekly classes over 3 months, including healthy Hispanic foods, family involvement, a Spanish interpreter using earphone technology, and interactive, bilingual, large-print materials and tools. Paired samples t-tests were used to compare diabetes knowledge, self-management, and A1C levels, pre- and post-education. Results: There was a significant difference in pre- and post-education outcomes: knowledge (t(11)=-7.969, p=.000; d=2.32), self-management (t(11)= -7.930, p=.000; d= 2.43), and A1C levels (t(11)=6.434, p=.000; d=0.78). Conclusion: Culturally-competent, age-specific education can positively impact knowledge, self-management behaviors, and glycemic values in older-aged Hispanic people.



age-specific, culturally-sensitive, glycemic control, older-aged Hispanics, self-management, type 2 diabetes



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