BDPS: An efficient spark-based big data processing scheme for cloud Fog-IoT orchestration


The Internet of Things (IoT) has seen a surge in mobile devices with the market and technical expansion. IoT networks provide end-to-end connectivity while keeping minimal latency. To reduce delays, efficient data delivery schemes are required for dispersed fog-IoT network orchestrations. We use a Spark-based big data processing scheme (BDPS) to accelerate the distributed database (RDD) delay efficient technique in the fogs for a decentralized heterogeneous network architecture to reinforce suitable data allocations via IoTs. We propose BDPS based on Spark-RDD in fog-IoT overlay architecture to address the performance issues across the network orchestration. We evaluate data processing delays from fog-IoT integrated parts using a depth-first-search-based shortest path node finding configuration, which outperforms the existing shortest path algorithms in terms of algorithmic (i.e., depth-first search) efficiency, including the Bellman–Ford (BF) algorithm, Floyd–Warshall (FW) algorithm, Dijkstra algorithm (DA), and Apache Hadoop (AH) algorithm. The BDPS exhibits low latency in packet deliveries as well as low network overhead uplink activity through a map-reduced resilient data distribution mechanism, better than in BF, DA, FW, and AH. The overall BDPS scheme supports efficient data delivery across the fog-IoT orchestration, outperforming faster node execution while proving effective results, compared to DA, BF, FW and AH, respectively.



efficient data processing, depth-first search, map reduction, in-memory accelerator, spark


This research is funded through the “ICT Innovation Fund (2016-17): ICT Division, Bangladesh” and also partially supported through the Australian Research Council Discovery Project: DP190100314.


Attribution 4.0 International


Hossen, R., Whaiduzzaman, M., Uddin, M.N., Islam, M., Faruqui, N., Barros, A., Sookhak, M., Mahi, M. and Nayeen, J., 2021. BDPS: An Efficient Spark-Based Big Data Processing Scheme for Cloud Fog-IoT Orchestration. Information, 12(12), p.517.