Seven correspondences regarding the Mariachi Project


1979-04-13, 1979-05-30, 1979-07-15, 1979-05-24, 1979-07-30


Ontiveros, Roy
Bonilla, Victor R.
Keith, Ervin
Orta, Simon L.
Guerrero, Chita


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Seven correspondences regarding the Mariachi Project. Roy Ontivaros writes to Tom Kendrick regarding the misuse of fund for the project. Victor R. Bonilla writes to Lorenzo Treviño expressing his gratitude for his support of the project. Ervin Keith reports to Lorenzo Treviño of the audit's findings of the project. Roy Ontivaros writes to George Schardar regarding his six allegations against the project and recommendation to not refund Human Resources sponsor by the Dallas Chapter American G.I. Forum. Simon L. Orta writes to Brownie Treviño regarding the boards decision to not reinstate Chita Guerrero.




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