The effects of index futures trading volume on spot market volatility in a frontier market: Evidence from Ho Chi Minh stock exchange




Truong, Loc
Friday, H. Swint
Nguyen, Anh


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This analysis is the first to investigate the influence of index futures trading volume on spot market volatility for the Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange (HOSE). The data utilized in this study are the daily VN30-Index futures contract trading volume starting at the inception date for the VN30- Index futures contract, 10 August 2017 and going through 10 August 2022. Using an autoregressive distributed lag (ARDL) bounds testing approach, the empirical findings reveal a positive relation between VN30-Index futures trading volume and the volatility of the spot market for the HOSE in the short-run. In addition, the results of the ARDL tests confirm in for the long-run, trading volume of futures contracts has a significant positive influence on spot market volatility. Moreover, the results derived from the error correction model (ECM) indicate that only 5.54% of the disequilibria from the previous trading day are converged and corrected back to the long-run equilibrium from the current day. Based on the findings, we recommend that Vietnamese policymakers establish relevant intervention polices on speculation of individual investors in order to provide stabilization safeguards for the underlying stock market.



futures trading volume, spot market volatility, ARDL, HOSE



Attribution 4.0 International


Truong, Loc Dong, H. Swint Friday, and Anh Thi Kim Nguyen. 2022. The Effects of Index Futures Trading Volume on Spot Market Volatility in a Frontier Market: Evidence from Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange. Risks 10: 234. https://