A Field Guide to Ward Island




Hickman, Graham C.


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Foreword: Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi is located in a very unique setting, Ward Island. We display ourselves as the "Island Campus", which indeed we are, since the campus occupies most of the island except that associated with the Baptist Student Seminary, and the Newman Center. Our setting offers much to the students, employees and visitors beyond our normal academic endeavors. Our island environment offers many opportunities for living laboratories. The marine life existing within the Corpus Christi and Oso Bays reflect the ecologically diverse nature of the estuaries and bays along the Texas Gulf Coast. The bird habitat that exists on and adjacent to our shores provides an interesting adaptation of these various species to a populated, urban environment. This guide is a marvelous compilation of the various aspects of our campus. It can be used to develop an appreciation of the diversity of the plant and animal life that exists on our island. It will be very helpful as a guide to the development of the campus as we continue our growth in students and activities. Obviously, we will need to construct additional facilities and utilize the building sites available. Landscaping to augment the natural characteristics of the island will be an integral part of our planning and development. This Field Guide should give our students and others who take part in our activities a much better knowledge and an appreciation of the nature of our location.




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