The Downward breaststroke kick makes fast speed and increased lactate acid




Ide, Takahisa
Johnson, William F.
Takise, Sadafumi
Konarzewski, Jan
Inada, Noriko
Fujimori, Hiromasa
Fujimori, Takeharu
Moronuki, Emi
Nagahata, Asahi
Barcinas, Ken A.

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In this study, we assess the effectiveness of utilizing a downward breaststroke kick with regard to the overall time, max speed and velocity per stroke when using a downward breaststroke kick technique. We analyzed breaststroke kick of knee angles from 8 elite world class swimmers. The downward breaststroke kick used in breaststroke competitions resulted in improvements average of 100 yard or 100 meter breaststroke from 1:05.10 s to 1:01.97 s. Increases in performance max speed and velocity per stroke among 9 elite world class swimmers are highly correlated to duration of the kick aerodynamic buoyant farce in breaststroke. The downward breaststroke kick also resulted in an increase in lactate acid.



Swimming, Breaststroke, Downward Kick, Lactate Acid, Olympian



Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International


Ide, T., Johnson, W.F., Takise, S., Konarzewski, J., Inada, N., Fujimori, H., Fujimori, T., Moronuki, E., Nagahata, A., Barcinas, K.A. and Dos Santos, F., 2021. The Downward Breaststroke Kick Makes Fast Speed and Increased Lactate Acid. Journal of Sports Science, 9, pp.86-90.