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    Steps to Music Theory
    (2022-12-08) de Ghize, Susan
    Steps to Music Theory is a music theory textbook that explains concepts step by step. Volume I (Fundamentals) covers the basics on how to read and write music. Chapters are divided into 8-12 sections so that students can instantly jump to any specific section. Nearly every section ends with one (or as many as six) Practice Sections, where students can go through problems to see if they understand the concepts. There are several advantages to an online platform for a music theory textbook. First, students can listen to musical examples while they read. Steps to Music Theory contains hundreds of musical examples, including over 100 real musical examples (many by women composers). Second, every Practice Sections includes a video lecture, where I go through the steps to finding the answer.
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    OER reading list for ENGL 3360 Teaching Writing
    OER reading list for ENGL 3360 teaching writing class. List of articles and resources used for teaching writing.
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    OER for digital marketing course (MKTG 3333 Digital Marketing)
    (2023-03-02) Loveland, Karen
    Before I developed the OER for this course, I researched various textbooks and interviewed several former students who had their own digital marketing agency and/or had recent work experience in digital marketing. From that research, I identified 14 topics to include in the course. This number works well with different term lengths: 1 topic per week for 15-week course (with a certification exam serving as the final exam in week 15); 2 topics per week in the 7-week term; 3 topics per week (2 in Week 1 to allow for setting up software/accounts needed for class) in 5-week summer term. I joined the HubSpot Education Partners Program to provide students with free access to an enterprise-level subscription to HubSpot’s CRM platform (used by over 150,000 businesses worldwide). This allowed me to supplement their publically-available lessons and certifications (HubSpot Academy) with access to the actual platform. I developed three “application exercises” that provide students with hands-on experience with a commercial CRM platform (designing a landing page, writing a blog post, composing & sending & evaluating a promotional email message). Content selected consists of videos, blogs, ebooks, toolkits, and interactive lessons/tools related to digital marketing. All included videos are ADA-compliant (include human-generated captions). HubSpot video lessons also include PowerPoint slides and a transcript; some even provide support for multiple languages (which may be helpful for international students). The following sections identify the title of the learning resource, URL (link), creator, type of content, date, length (if applicable) and a description that summarizes the content and explains why I selected it.
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    OER report 2023
    (2023-04-06) Orbach, Dara
    The course for which I am developing OERs is BIOL 3425 Functional Anatomy, a large lecture and lab course (~70 students). The expensive cost of the textbook I previously used (Kardong (2018) Vertebrates: Comparative Anatomy, Function, Evolution, 8th Edition. McGraw Hill) seemed to preclude some students from purchasing it and preparing adequately to succeed in class. The cost of a new hardcover textbook is $155 on Amazon. With 70 students enrolled, the monetary value saved is $10,850 by using an OER as a substitute. There are four OER components to the course I have developed.
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    OER for introduction to IoT course
    (2023-03-27) Mehrubeoglu, Ruby
    Internet of Things devices and communication (IoT) refers to: sensors/devices, connectivity, data processing, user interface.
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    Open external resources for Experimental Psychology/Research Methods in Psychology
    (2023-04-06) Zoccolillo, Anthony
    Complied in Spring 2023. List of Open External Resources for Experimental Psychology/Research Methods in Psychology.
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    HIST 3326: W01 U.S. History, post-1945 syllabus
    (2023-04-24) Robinson, Beth
    HIST 3326: W01 U.S. History, Post-1945 Instructor: Dr. Beth Robinson (she/her) Course Description This course examines the rise and disintegration of that postwar order and the legacy it left for the United States and the world as we enter the twenty-first century. We will focus on major events including the Cold War, the social movements of the 1960s and the conservative revival of the 1980s but also trace key trends such as the emergence of the welfare state, changing patterns of gender and sexuality, and the increasing importance of immigration. We will seek not only to recount these developments, but also to understand how they shaped the world in which we now live.