The Texas Coastal Ocean Observation Network (TCOON) is a network of scientific data collection stations installed and operated to gather critical data pertaining to coastal waters and atmosphere, essential data to anyone who lives or works near the Gulf coast. Initiated by the Texas General Land Office with the intent of establishing a littoral boundary on the Texas Coast, the TCOON rapidly gained interest and support from other state and federal agencies along the Texas Coast. The group of initial sponsors also included the Texas Water Development Board and the US Army Corps of Engineers. While water levels to establish tidal datums and measure storm surges have been a focus from the start, data collected by the network were found to be beneficial for other purposes providing for further expansion of the network and reducing funding requirements on any one agency. Significant characteristics of the network and its collected data are that the TCOON was installed and has been operated following standards established by NOAA’s Center for Operational Oceanographic Products and Services (CO-OPS). This makes the data collected by the network acceptable for commercial and recreational users, environmental, meteorological, and oceanographic research interests, as well as supporting the local, state, and federal decision-making process. Coastal Resources are critical to the infrastructure of our state and the Coastal community.

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