Analyzing the disparity between those that show need for mental health services and those that utilize mental health services in Nueces County




Burks, Cherish
Gonzales, Dr. E


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In 2020, a comprehensive behavioral health community assessment showed that Nueces County had an odd disparity between residents who utilized community mental health resources and residents who had need for mental health resources. This project proposes a descriptive cross-sectional survey of the residents of Nueces County to gather information on the community’s understanding and utilization of behavioral health services. understanding and utilization of behavioral health services. In the short-term, we aim to identify if social determinants of health, such as age, gender, race/ethnicity, access to health insurance, and annual income, impact understanding and/or utilization of behavioral health services. In the long-term, the goal of the project is to obtain information that can be utilized by stakeholders engaged in behavioral health for improving access and utilization of services. The survey was offered in high-traffic areas including, but limited to, health fairs, churches, community events, and on-campus events at TAMUCC and Del Mar. The data showed that it was more a lack of information that caused the need/usage disparity. With that in mind, the best course of action to reducing the need/usage disparity is making the local services offered in Nueces County more well-known and better available.


Mentor is Dr. E Gonzales