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    Are you truly monolingual?
    (2023-08-29) Mings, Sofia; Moreno, Miguel
    Raise your hand if this sounds English, Which language is this? How did you guess that?
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    Examining micropaleontology to gain insights into long-term processes in the Western Amundsen Sea, Antarctica
    (2023-08-30) Szemak, Magkena
    AIS is divided into two ice sheets, the .. (WAIS) and the east. AIS has exhibited rapid mass loss over the past two decades, with the most pronounced changes observed in the West Antarctic Ice Sheet (Shepherd et al., 2018). And because this is where my study site is located I’m going to focus there. WiAIS has a few unique physical characteristics, its much …Which make it highly vulnerable to changes in ocean currents or water temperature. The largest threat facing this region is Circumpolar Deep Water. As CDW is the greatest contributor of ice loss in this region, understanding the history of CDW movement and past deglaciation is critical to understanding the future!
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    In silico assessment of ancestral Benzo(a)pyrene inhibition of epigenetic macromolecules
    (2023-08-29) Labeille, Remi; Lee, K.; Hoang, J.; Kulesz, H.; Marquez, C.; Seemann, F.
    Nucleosome chromatin packaging (heterochromatin, euchromatin), Histone tails and their post-translational modification (Poster 7), Epigenetic enzymes, modulate nucleosome and DNA structures through post-translational modifications
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    Gendered online discussions surrounding climate change, capitalism, and marxism
    (2023-08-30) Armstrong, Shane
    Inspiration: Personal interest in ecocriticism, Passionate about online ecological activism, Combine linguistics with my (potential) thesis area of inquiry
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    Movement ecology of the Texas Diamondback Terrapin (malaclemys terrapin littoralis)
    (2023-08-30) Guzoski, Garrett; Battaglia, Loretta
    Movement Ecology, Study of how organisms move within their ecosystems or environment, First step to proper conservation management, Applies to both flora & fauna, Animal movements are based on biotic and abiotic factors, Can identify core use area & home range
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    A look into the diversity of culturable bacterial root endophytes in Batis maritima
    (2023-08-30) Rush, Grace I.; Lumibao, Candice
    Coastal ecosystems face increased anthropogenic and climatic-related stressors. Batis maritima dominates coastal marshes. Known for its high salinity tolerance.
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    FishDive project: Assessing marine fish biodiversity and developing the capacity of local researchers in the Southern Philippines
    (2023-08-30) Labrador, Kevin L.; Fortaleza, Maybelle A.; Lanutan, Joemarie J.; Cabasan, Joey P.; Nanola Jr., Cleto L.
    Our fish biodiversity provides important services: food security, livelihood, economy, ecosystem services, culture.
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    The price of negligence
    (2023-09-19) Owens, Brian
    Since 2000, there have been incredible changes in data transmission and media. We now live in a world where we can voice opinions and express ourselves almost limitlessly. Although these developments have changed communication for the better, the covert impact of social media algorithms makes their justification questionable. Thus, this proposal aims to evaluate the effect that social media algorithms have on the general awareness of current events and social justice issues.
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    Beyond the writing: Students' perspectives of the CASA writing center
    (2023-08-30) Riojas, Brenda
    Graduate assistant experience, Dr. Murphy’s, “’Just Chuck It: I Mean, Don't Get Fixed On It’: Self Presentation in Writing Center Discourse”, Student confessions
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    Autonomous GPS ground vehicle navigation
    (2023-08-30) Mathew, Mohit
    Automation is a major part of today’s world, automation can potentially save both time and resources in this fast paced world. It took a while for automation to become a mainstream part of everyday life, and there were many small steps made towards this goal. Incremental step that we have made towards automating small tasks is a GPS guided unmanned ground vehicle that can eventually be the groundwork for automating many small monotonous tasks. Small ground vehicles can be an extremely dynamic tool in terms of automation. They can assist in hauling, gardening, gathering information, and etc.. There is a nearly limitless amount of tasks that a ground based drone can perform. There are a few setbacks though, how accurate the location system is, what algorithm it uses to move, and battery life. This study will test the accuracy of the drone as well as which algorithm works the best for a real drone. The goal of this paper is to find which algorithm works the best and how accurate is possible within these hardware limitations. The secondary goal is to be employed in farms as a small field hand noting occurrences in the fields. Eventually being outfitted with machine learning and a possible limb to allow for manipulation of its surroundings to allow for the drone to do tasks.
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    Mapping water quality indicators using remote sensing data
    (2023-08-29) Bygate, Meghan; Ahmed, Mohamed
    New approach to oyster conservation, Analyzing water quality of entire bay to pinpoint zones where average conditions are optimal, Mapping Oyster Growth Suitability Index (OGSI), Extract water quality indicators (WQI) from remote sensing images, ECOSTRESS – temperature, Landsat – salinity, turbidity, chlorophyll-a, Machine Learning algorithms required model surface reflectance to WQI data, Project goal: generate Oyster Growth Suitability Index (OGSI) maps using the WQI data extracted from remote sensing images
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    Influences of the filling phases of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam on the Nile River's downstream reservoirs
    (2023-08-29) Abdrabou Mousa, Mohamed; Ahmed, Mohamed
    Within the Nile River Basin (NRB; area: 3.4 × 106 km2), the Nile River (length: 6.6 × 103 km) flows from south to north in Northeast Africa. The Blue Nile is the main source of surface water for Egypt, providing over 80% of the country's allocation and serving as the source of 90% of Egypt's freshwater resources, which are used to sustain a population of more than 104 million people. In April 2011, Ethiopia began the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) on the Blue Nile. The GERD is planned to generate more than 6 gigawatts of clean electricity (Gebreluel, 2014).
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    Autonomous UAVs navigation considering fixed/moving obstacles and no-fly-zones
    (2023-08-29) Izzat Ullah, Syed
    Drones Everywhere..!!!, Background - Drones Control, Single-Drone, Autopilot System: Drones fly autonomously through the programmed route, operator monitoring the drone during the flight time, no knowledge of other drones --> Hence most susceptible to collisions!
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    UAV swarm-based synchronous array imaging for coastal environments
    (2023-08-29) Boyd, Josh
    Types of imagery: Satellite, Crewed Aircraft, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), What is a UAV swarm? What is flocking? What is Remote ID (RID)?
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    The grace of loss
    (2023-08-30) Bellanger, Sarah
    I told her I’d see her later, Those are the last words I would say, Before she died……before she went away……I knew it but I didn’t know it that she was sick, I couldn’t imagine she would leave us so quick, One evening in May, I asked my mother if she was okay, She started to cry and say, “No, Gamma has stage three colon cancer”, All I did was hold her, there was nothing I could say, So we stood there quietly, while I tried to keep my tears at bay, Seven days after my twenty-first birthday, my mother would get a call. This would be the beginning, of the end, of it all.
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    What impacts have administrative support systems had on teaching and teaching retention in the post pandemic world?
    (2023-08-30) Light, Julie; Reinhardt, Kimberly
    What is Administrative Support? According to Boyd, et al, administrative support is defined as the effort that administrative staff, such as principles and other school leaders, take to help teachers with workloads and improving their lessons and teaching methods (Boyd, et al, 2011). Administrative support can look differently in schools. Examples include Professional development opportunities, Providing supplies for classrooms, Helping with classroom behavior management, Helping with excess work
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    Analyzing the disparity between those that show need for mental health services and those that utilize mental health services in Nueces County
    (2023-09-19) Burks, Cherish; Gonzales, Dr. E
    In 2020, a comprehensive behavioral health community assessment showed that Nueces County had an odd disparity between residents who utilized community mental health resources and residents who had need for mental health resources. This project proposes a descriptive cross-sectional survey of the residents of Nueces County to gather information on the community’s understanding and utilization of behavioral health services. understanding and utilization of behavioral health services. In the short-term, we aim to identify if social determinants of health, such as age, gender, race/ethnicity, access to health insurance, and annual income, impact understanding and/or utilization of behavioral health services. In the long-term, the goal of the project is to obtain information that can be utilized by stakeholders engaged in behavioral health for improving access and utilization of services. The survey was offered in high-traffic areas including, but limited to, health fairs, churches, community events, and on-campus events at TAMUCC and Del Mar. The data showed that it was more a lack of information that caused the need/usage disparity. With that in mind, the best course of action to reducing the need/usage disparity is making the local services offered in Nueces County more well-known and better available.
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    Examining the effectiveness of the STEADY teen workbook for improving psychological health in adolescents
    (2023-04-21) Zhang, Yunyun; Ikonomopoulos, James
    Participants will learn about the impact depression has on youth and adolescents, Participants will learn about how The STEADY Teen Workbook was used for treating adolescents with depressive symptoms, Participants will learn about Single-Case Research Designs (SCRD), and how non-overlapping data analysis, visual trend analysis, statistical process control charting, percent improvement, and Tau-U effect size estimate were used for data analysis.
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    Wait for it! The influence of delayed information about physical appearance on perceptions
    (2023-08-30) Rodriguez, Rose; Zaikman, Yuliana
    Our evaluations of others often occur implicitly (Ham & Van Den Bos, 2011, We can change our evaluations with new information. However, it is implicit thoughts and attitudes are more resistant to change (Wyer, 2010; Mann & Ferguson, 2015), People commonly create implicit judgements about physical appearance interactions (Palmer & Peterson, 2020), The halo effect phenomenon is a result of these implicit judgments interactions (Palmer & Peterson, 2020), Question: How does delaying information on physical appearance impact our evaluations, specifically when it comes to dating intentions and attraction?
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    Investigating the effects of nano carbon black on electrical conductivity, resistuve heating, and mechanical properties of ultra-high-performance concrete: Potential for multi-functional applications
    (2023-08-29) Garcia, Daniel; Martinez, Paige; Nawaz, Amina; Badawi, Mahmoud; Soliman, Nancy
    Infrastructural need for sustainability, There has been a big focus on sustainability in transportation, A more important area would be our infrastructure, Focus has gone a lot into how we get our energy while one of our most used materials to build cities is one of the highest contributors to CO2 emissions