Autonomous GPS ground vehicle navigation




Mathew, Mohit


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Automation is a major part of today’s world, automation can potentially save both time and resources in this fast paced world. It took a while for automation to become a mainstream part of everyday life, and there were many small steps made towards this goal. Incremental step that we have made towards automating small tasks is a GPS guided unmanned ground vehicle that can eventually be the groundwork for automating many small monotonous tasks. Small ground vehicles can be an extremely dynamic tool in terms of automation. They can assist in hauling, gardening, gathering information, and etc.. There is a nearly limitless amount of tasks that a ground based drone can perform. There are a few setbacks though, how accurate the location system is, what algorithm it uses to move, and battery life. This study will test the accuracy of the drone as well as which algorithm works the best for a real drone. The goal of this paper is to find which algorithm works the best and how accurate is possible within these hardware limitations. The secondary goal is to be employed in farms as a small field hand noting occurrences in the fields. Eventually being outfitted with machine learning and a possible limb to allow for manipulation of its surroundings to allow for the drone to do tasks.


Under Mentorship of Eric Ponte, Dr. Scott King, Dr. Dulal Kar, and Mahmoud Eldefrawy